View Full Version : The things kids say...

24-06-2012, 21:04
I've been to Dovedale today with my wife and two daughters, one of which is 32 and the other 24. When we got there the main path was closed due to floodwater and the other bank is a bit hairy for my wife as her eye problem means she can't see obstacles and rough surfaces, so we went to Ilam Hall and walked there instead. When we ended up in the tearooms the conversation turned to France and our last trip, on which we were accompanied by our younger daughter, who was at school at the time. We spent most of it travelling around Normandy and visiting the D Day beaches, I managed to wreck my knee playing dad and jumping into a bunker. I was back for a week and it wasn't getting better, so I went to the doctor and was sent for x-ray, to be told my kneecap wasn't where it should be!!! When we were discussing it Harriet said 'Oh, you mean the WAR holiday.