View Full Version : Supermarkets Asda and Sainsbury's are cutting the price of petrol.

25-06-2012, 14:30
From Tuesday customers at Asda's 196 filling stations will pay no more than 127.7p a litre for petrol and no more than 132.7p a litre for diesel.

Asda said this was the lowest price for a litre of fuel since February 2011.

The latest cut means Asda has shaved 14p off the cost of a litre of fuel since the end of April, reducing the cost of filling up a family car by almost 10.

Asda's petrol trading director Andy Peake said: "After a weekend of falling oil prices and fading hopes of an England victory at the Euros, our petrol price cut will bring a smile back to the nation's faces."

Sainsbury's said it was reducing its fuel prices too, with petrol and diesel coming down "by up to 2p per litre" from Tuesday.

The AA said the 14p Asda reduction since April was welcome. While Asda had dropped its petrol price largely in line with wholesale, the UK average was down 10.5p a litre since the record high in mid-April.

AA public affairs head Paul Watters said: "We expect to see the usual behaviour of other retailers matching Asda where they need to while charging up to 4p a litre more in other towns, from southern England up into the Midlands.

"This winds up drivers, local and national politicians more than retailers seem to understand. The Government's pressure for fuel price transparency may help to reduce the postcode lottery that blights fuel prices in the UK.

"It may also address the disparity between petrol versus diesel prices at wholesale level and the price gap at the pump. In April, retailers in Europe were charging less before tax for diesel than petrol. Not in the UK, of course."

25-06-2012, 14:41
Typical, I have just been to Asda at Chandlersford at put 45 worth of Petrol in my car, OH well no big deal.1.29.9 a Litre I paid.

25-06-2012, 14:42
Tesco in York cut their petrol price to about 127ppl last week, too.


Funky Farmer
25-06-2012, 14:58
How long before the government try to take the credit I wonder?

25-06-2012, 15:19
How long before the government try to take the credit I wonder?
August when they add the 3 p extra VAT.

25-06-2012, 15:19
the real question realy aught to be is .how long will it be before thje government decide to hike the tax up

25-06-2012, 15:25
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John Thompson
25-06-2012, 15:56
the real question realy aught to be is .how long will it be before thje government decide to hike the tax up

It has already announced that the "Road Fuel Excise Duty" rate will increase by 3p a litre from 1st August.

Current rate 0.5795 per litre for unleaded rising to 0.6097 per litre on 1st August. Diesel (heavy Oil) 0.5795 to 0.6097.

Autogas LPG is 0.3161 per kg. It will rise to 0.3734 per kg on the same date. The conversion is 1 litre = 2kg
or 0.15805 per litre rising to 0.1867 per litre.

We users of LPG for heating and refrigeration in Motorhomes are still paying this even though it is not for propulsion due to the way HMRC charge the sales outlets the tax.

On top of this duty VAT is applied at 20%. Taxing the tax!!

LPG used for heating and refrigeration should only be charged at 5% VAT but there are very few outlets where you can get it at this rate. Ask for 5% VAT every time you want to fill up and keep asking, was the advice given to me by the accounts manager at Calor Gas.

This is the reply I recieved from HMRC

Let me refer you to our public notice no.76, "Excise duty on gas for use as fuel in road
vehicles". It is available on our website HM Revenue & Customs: Home Page (http://www.hmrc.gov.uk). Click on "library" in the "quick
links" box on the home page; then "publications", "notices", "excise duties" and finally,
"oils/public notices".
Para.2.2 states
"If a road vehicle carries gas-powered equipment (for example, refrigerating apparatus or an exhaust
gas purifier) the gas for such equipment is liable to duty if it is drawn from or connected to a supply
which is also used to propel the vehicle, even though such equipment does not contribute to the
propulsion of the vehicle. Gas for use in such equipment is not liable to duty if it is drawn from an
independent supply.
Gas is not chargeable with Excise duty if it is used for heating.or for industrial or scientific purposes." -
When gas is not set aside or used as a road fuel it is not liable to excise duty and should be
bought from a supplier as such with VAT at 5%. It is for this reason that no scheme is in
place to allow recovery.
It's easy to understand why a supplier would charge excise duty. There is at first sight the
potential for the gas to be used to power the vehicle and a supplier will be wary of
undercharging duty/tax.
You can draw a supplier's attention to the public notice and emphasise that your intended
use is for heating/cooking and not for powering the vehicle. If necessary you might offer to
provide the supplier with a written declaration in which you state your intended use. This
would be something that the supplier could retain as evidence in support of a supply free of duty. Any officer of HMRC that examines the supplier's accounts would thus be able to
satisfy him/herself that a supply was legitimately made without duty and with VAT at the
reduced rate.
Yours sincerely,
Robert White
Crownhill Court
Tailyour Road

Great news on road fuel prices though. We bought fuel from Morrisons Supermarket at Marazion for 128.9 per litre in May. We find Morrisons or ASDA are always the cheapest unless TESCO do a 10p a litre offer.