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25-06-2012, 17:53
Greetings, I was just thinking of times in the past when we missed out for not speaking up.

At school when half of the class reached fifteen, and left into the big wide world.

Our art teacher confused me with someone else, who had now left.

I returned after the Easter break, only to be told that my work was abismal.

He then went on to address me by another name Butler.

Telling me to sit at the back with the other bottom of the class kids.

This other class mate Butler was very outspoken, and must have worn his own trumpet out.

From that moment on I had no help from teacher, and subsequently had my leaving exam marked down.

Even though my work was still good as when I was in the top few of the class.

The next incident was while at a party with this stunningly beautiful girl who fancied me.

Alas I was to shy to take it up and missed out again.

Now I find out that this Classmate Terry, had married this local beauty.

And spends most of his time buying shares in the local brewery.

Have any of you missed out by not speaking up, I wonder.


Rgd's Graham.

n brown
25-06-2012, 20:00
a song about the girl he didn't get-.yohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cweBs-tdaA u'll never know if you missed out or had a lucky escape !

n brown
25-06-2012, 20:07
Leo Kottke - Pamela Brown - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cweBs-tdaA) that's better

25-06-2012, 20:21
I think we all miss out somewhere wether were outspoken or not. Life is just a learning curve, sometimes it's steep and sometimes it's not so go with the flow:wave::wave::wave:

25-06-2012, 20:26
i was shy once :cry: then the doctor smacked my behind and i have never looked back :dance:

25-06-2012, 20:40
It's no use wondering what might have been. We all make choices, good or bad, depending on the person that we are. Therefore we could never have made a different choice because we would never have been a different person. If you see what I mean. :rolleyes2:
It's a shame your parents never did anything about the idiot teacher who mixed you up, though.