View Full Version : Oh Gawd!!!

Funky Farmer
25-06-2012, 17:54
I thought Ms Jonas was a bit quiet this afternoon! She has put a load of girly stickers on the side of the van It looks like a mobile hanging basket now. Can't leave her alone for five minutes, I can't. Sheesh!

25-06-2012, 18:03
Our first caravan had Brian the Snail on the back (Magic roundabout was very trendy then) Our first M'Hs then had a tortoise stencil on the back. I have been trying to convince mrs Smaug that we need something on the new one. Vinyl art is now in quite an advanced state these days & prices are not that dear. Sadly I cannot get her agreement to anything remotely amusing & childish. Ahh, well, we shall have to go without.

You are lucky, you can now add your own style to the other side or rear of the van. How about some scantily clad big bosomed lasses with motorbikes or similar?