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26-06-2012, 14:30
Big Ben clock tower to be renamed Elizabeth Tower - Yahoo! News UK (http://uk.news.yahoo.com/londons-big-ben-renamed-elizabeth-tower-124559730.html)

John H
26-06-2012, 15:05
Don't worry - they could re-name it Beckham Towers and people would still call it Big Ben. This is one example of how the powers-that-be don't actually have any powers at all. There have been many attempts at re-branding that have failed simply because people refuse to abandon the old names. For example, in a place not far from my home-base there is a Butt-Hole Lane; the local authority decided to smarten up its image but people liked the name and kept replacing the new signs (can't remember what they changed it to) with old ones. Eventually the council gave up. :lol-053:

26-06-2012, 15:10
They have probably announced this and the decision NOT to raise fuel duty in August to get our attention so they can quietly announce something else bad and hope we do not notice.

donkey too
26-06-2012, 15:17
the tower isn't called Big Ben. that is the name of the bell.

John H
26-06-2012, 15:24
the tower isn't called Big Ben. that is the name of the bell.

And a thing you clean the floor with isn't called a hoover but custom and practice count a lot more than detail. If you asked anybody in London to direct you to Big Ben then I doub't you'd find one who told you to climb the tower :lol-053:

26-06-2012, 15:33
St Stephens tower I believe, did I ever share my family provided the glass chance bros of smethwick....
Channa and now you know where the name comes from

Channa chance