View Full Version : Wahaay!! Off to get my mh tomorrow night!!!

27-06-2012, 18:54
Been busy packing,sorting,shifting...now the times finally arrived for the 500 mile or so trip up to Inverness to fetch Bertie the Tabbert Condor!! Very excited!! Its all insured, have covered myself with the R.A.C just in case..will be a bit of a squash going up there..(5 of us plus a dog!):scared:.still have more to pack, better get on with it..catch you later........:wave:

27-06-2012, 18:58
I'll look forward to seeing your van when I get back X

27-06-2012, 19:02
will arrange that..would like to check cannock chase out...hope you,re all having a fantastic time:banana: x

27-06-2012, 19:10
The start of a great adventure :drive: have :fun:

27-06-2012, 19:52
OOOoowwwwww how exciting - have fun. Looking forward to seeing some pix :fun:

27-06-2012, 19:54

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27-06-2012, 20:11
Make sure you get every bit of equipment demonstrated before you head back, I rushed off when I bought mine and Phil had to show me how everything worked at the last meet!

27-06-2012, 21:46
Good point by Rob. When we had our demo lessons, I took a little video recorder thingy with me and it's a good job I did... we forgot almost everything we were told. I like to claim information overload but I guess we're just a bit past our best :lol-053:

Oh it's so exciting! Good luck Pink and enjoy every minute of your new life with Bertie :goodluck:

27-06-2012, 22:45
Hi Pink,

I'm 5mins from the M6 on the Lancashire/Cumbria border.

PM me if you want/need a stop off point for a leg stretch or whatever.

Goes for anyone passing.

All the best


27-06-2012, 22:53
Take it easy going up the A9, especially if you have not used this route before, not a horrendous road, you have to keep alert though, which I'm the driver does!

Enjoy new vehicle....oh, and Scotland :wave:

27-06-2012, 23:48
Thank you everyone for the hints,tips,advice and well wishes,and for the invite Boots!! Yes,will keep you informed of progress,and definitely be taking lots of pics...am even going equipped with one of those inflatable kayakky things:scared:..so should be plenty of fun to be had!!!..(has anyone got any blowup armbands??) lol:lol-053:

28-06-2012, 05:56
Good luck with the start of your new adventure..im sure you will have lots of fun!!!!!!

28-06-2012, 09:57
:drive:Enjoy! ...a good point raised in an earlier post.....if this is your first....you will forget most of what you are told with the excitement of getting it....at least record audio of what is being told you and explained if you can.

28-06-2012, 16:03
I have had to write an "Instruction manual" for our van, partly because we loan it to the kids, but also because we don't always remember! It's now 5 pages of A4!