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27-06-2012, 19:00
im on hols until the 8th of july starting now.

still have a sofa to shift tomorrow,do i stay at home and convert van or fill it with my camping kit and just go forthe,
vans partially insulated one panel to do and roof getting done friday.

fishing gear primed and ready to go.
wont be near an outside power source if i stay at home,so i can BAIG(build as i go) :lol-053:

when u live 500 meters from where u park ur van u need that amount of cable to supply it.
camp sites have power and close by hmmmm,noise would be minimal as i would have to put up with
screaming kids and mutts barking,but can get some thing done.

and sharpen an axe or 2 for later that evenings events :scared:

27-06-2012, 19:14
sounds like you are itching to get away! Will you have all the tools you need though? And maybe check weather. Bit worried about the screaming kids / dogs comments followed by one about 2 sharpened axes!!Can see headlines already!!

27-06-2012, 19:22
will leave sunday point van in a direction and go there will post after that.

i joke alot so no worrys about the axe sharpening,kids holidays start this friday in scotland.

and i hate kids love dogs hate cats. :p

27-06-2012, 19:59
i hate kids love dogs hate cats. :p
What a confused little soul you are! Have a good trip :goodluck:

27-06-2012, 20:39
love fish thoe dead ones in the pot :)

27-06-2012, 21:02
3 yrs ago i found a boofle,,,small teddy bear with i love u in a red velvet vest heart shaped.

i found it at loch etive on the northern bank,know one there was there 4 days still knowone
appeared,so i took him and made him my own we pal.

where ever i go hes there hes my brick my anchor,and he doesnt need feeding,
but i wash him,maybe a her but its a soft toy that sits proud on my dash board.

i will post a pic of the both of us later