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28-06-2012, 14:22
Off to Mull tomorrow, well, actually crossing from Oban on Sunday.Staying at Lettershaws CL near Abingdon tomorrow night and hopefully Tainault jetty on Sat. Torrential rain here, never seen anything like it. It has proved our motorhome still leaks in at least three places after having been re-sealed. We could be in for a damp time......!

28-06-2012, 18:04
hi christine
we were in mull a few weeks back its beautiful and im sure you will enjoy it, loch buie is worth the drive as is calgary bay we had a boat trip on one saturday to staffa and the treshnish isle's from where the ulva ferry go's and it was fantastic, mind you the weather made it as well, tobermory is very nice too.
we saw eagles, white tailed eagles, shorteared owl, seals, puffins, guillimotts, its brilliant.

my only regret is that were not coming with you, hahahaha enjoy your trip.


Funky Farmer
28-06-2012, 20:27
Sorry to hear about the leaks Christine I hope you enjoy your holiday anyway ;)

28-06-2012, 20:31
Well jel :cry:

Enjoy, and remember to park on a bit of a slope, i got leaks in my van too, it usually works

28-06-2012, 21:19
Hello Christine

Very envious of your trip.

If you get the chance go on the trip to Staffa and the treshnish if only to get very close to the puffins. The company is called Turus Mara and it'll cost you about£50 each for the six or seven hour trip.

28-06-2012, 21:26
Lucky you! Hope the showers keep off - inside and out! As everyone has said Mull is beautiful, the trip to Iona is worth doing too, very short foot passenger trip. Have a brill time!

28-06-2012, 21:29
kimbowbill, we are permanently parked on a hill at home, only problem is on a slight down slope to the left side. This results in water ingress in the back left corner as well as other places on the left side.

This will be our second trip to Mull, we have a 3.3 metre inflateable so will hopefully launch on Loch na Keal, Uisken and Fidden.

Thanks all for your good wishes.

28-06-2012, 21:43
do u mean Taynuilt jetty as im sure there will be a few boaty types there this weekend :)
if you get a chance have a look at the furness it supplied 95% of nelsons cannon balls,to fire at the spanish and theres a small nelson on column there
sent there by nelson himself for there dedication to the war effort :)

29-06-2012, 07:26
Yes, Taynault jetty. Anyone know if any "you know what" signs have gone up recently? We had a look at the place a good few years ago when we visited Bonawe Furnace.