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donkey too
15-07-2012, 15:32
ve just spent a very wet but productive week end here and spoken to a councillor about parking of motor homes. She said that she agrees that provision should be made in all towns for motor home parking and I quote "They are a valuable part of the income of this town which after all relies a great deal on tourism."

so I had a look at the new FREE Garrison Lane car park Opposite Ordnance Hotel and bars. 51.958733,1.340123 and spent a quiet night there after a few beers in the pub opposite. there is also a great breakfast place about 50 yards past the pub as well.

The sign on the car park reads roughly: Supervised car park patrolled regularly. Parking is for periods of 18 hours only at a time. parking for cars, invalide carriages and small motorised caravans.

Small motorised caravans are less than 18 feet long and 6 feet 6 inches wide (they do not go round with a tape measure. as long as you fit in a parking space they take no notice. but they do fine people who take up more than one space. fines are 80 or 200 for HGV.

Larger motorised caravans can park at:

Clifflands 51.976104,1.380908 pay & displaay

Crescent road 51.963564,1.34995 paay and display

Ranelaghe road 51.962108,1.353475 pay and display

Manor terrace 51.944253,1.330319 free parking

The small viewing point car park at the dockside is already on the POI's (It was flooded this week end)

I do not recommend using the martello tower land as it was full of so called Gypsies this week and the council are taking steps to have them removed.
The Landguard Fort car park is available and they don't mind it being used after they have closed. It is the best place to stay if there is a strong on shore wind.

15-07-2012, 15:39
Great post great work donkey.

donkey too
15-07-2012, 19:22
It is nice to meet/see a councillor without blinkers on.:)

15-07-2012, 19:56
Thanks Donkey :)

POIs updated.