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21-07-2012, 15:14
Greeting all,

You know how it feels when the weathers OK, and her indoors is to busy to go away.

Iv'e waited through the floods, dark nights, and Xmas, here we are stuck at home, having her hair done etc.

This is the dangeous time for me, as nothing else to do, so the mind starts to kick in.

Well I don't know how, or whether to start this thread, as its a bit, errr, well you know!

Maybe this is the moment when I should ask the ladies to go put the kettle on, as you can't do too much for a good husband?

Sorry I digress, back to the plot.

The gist of it is, some time ago whilst visiting my local temperance society, (with Lord Lucan, and Jimmy Hopper).

You know what I mean Lads, (nudge nudge)

We happened after a few hot chocolates, to talk about the good old days, especially childrens programes.

How many of you remember Captain Pugwash. That well know series loved by our kiddies.

The story was told to me by a friend who was working in that field at the time.

One day the group of writers were discussing, what sort of a programe they could come up with.

Well you know lads, when we get a bit peed off at work, boss out, its time to have a bit of fun.

So they invented the well established, long running Captain Pugwash.

And there minds were in top gear, and the fun started thick and fast.

Then their boss returned sudenly, and asked how far had they got.

He picked up the script, Capt Pugwash, Yes... Roger the cabin boy. Yes... Master Bates. Yes.

Sounds good to me. we'll go with it.

Now things went very quiet, What could they say, other than, yes Boss.

Roger the cabin boy, well Mmm, OK I, get it.

Master Bates, also got OK.

But Captain Pugwash, Well to be honest, this had to be explained to me.

How can I put it delecately. It allegedly means something in Cornish, (I got the pug bit.)

That's one I don't think I'll go there. Leave it to you.

You do remember don't you, did'nt you wonder as well?

I often wondered why it suddenly vanished off our telly's.

Rumour has it, that the secret got out, and they were Bubbled?

And now fondly remembered, by the then younger generation.

Don't know whether this is all true.

But I did wonder at the time it was screeed, and boys will be boys.

OK, now tell the wife to come back in with the tea.

As for me I'm still fed up not being out wilding.

Think I'll tell the dog its Ta Tar time, just as the wife comes back in. He He.

Rgd's Graham.

21-07-2012, 15:19
You're going to HAVE to explain the Pugwash bit, it's gone straight over my head!

21-07-2012, 15:26
What about seaman Staines ? :baby:

21-07-2012, 15:36
What about seaman Staines ? :baby:

I can see who does the washing in your house? Try Daz. :shag:

21-07-2012, 15:43
Sorry to disappoint you 'It's an urban myth'. It never happened!

21-07-2012, 17:37
What about seaman Staines ? :baby:

Don't forget AB Jay

Deleted user 21925
23-07-2012, 12:18
Sorry to disappoint you 'It's an urban myth'. It never happened!

Quite right, none of these characters were in Capt. Pugwash.

23-07-2012, 12:22
:ditto: never were characters with these names from captain pugwash :(

23-07-2012, 14:44
The crew aboard the Black Pig were Captain Horatio Pugwash, Cabin boy Tom, Master Mate, Willy and Barnabas. Pugwash's mortal enemy was Cut-Throat Jake, captain of the Flying Dustman.