View Full Version : well i now know why i never installed vista

oldish hippy
24-07-2012, 20:46
have installed vista on virtual pc to learn my way round it and it is far worse than i ever thought but hey ho we are finding our way round it give me win xp anytime ok have had win7 wont try win 8 as dont have touch screen ,do like android running that as well virtual just got to tweak it to get a internet connection unless any one know how to do it in virtual box still going through solutions to sort it any way that was the question

any one know how to get a connection on android in virtual box easy way please making use of the new forum thread

24-07-2012, 21:00
I feel your pain OH, I've got Vista on my laptop, I hate it :pc: I asked about having it removed and changing it to something else but chap said better off putting the money towards a new laptop!! So I'm still stuck with it. :mad:

oldish hippy
24-07-2012, 21:07
no your not can go back to xp if it runs vista should be not a problem might even run win7 but win xp should do you fine depend on model of laptop i have installed vista to learn to try to sort out a laptop for a member on here ok win xp is old operating system but i use it at home and have had win 7 on this antique machine i run at homeand it run ok

24-07-2012, 21:14
I'll have to look into that then thanks :)

oldish hippy
24-07-2012, 21:25
well if you get stuck then just pm me and i see what ican find out for you dont mind in least finding out what ican do to help

24-07-2012, 21:28
well if you get stuck then just pm me and i see what ican find out for you dont mind in least finding out what ican do to help

thank you

24-07-2012, 21:48
Yes I had Vista on on laptop, it really was rubbish.

Every other OS, M$ brings out is a lemon...

W95 Buggy, W98 SE stable, Windows Millenium ****e, Windows 200NT/XP Good, Vista crap, Windows 7 OK...

I'm not looking foward to Windows 8!!

I'll probably have another go with Linux or look at Android.

donkey too
25-07-2012, 04:16
My windows 3/11 is working fine.;)

25-07-2012, 08:47
I liked XP and have got used to Win 7 64 bit which has proved stable once I got over initial software problems.

Yesterday my screen knackered itself for no reason, colours all over the place!! Needs a new screen at a cost of 125 fitted, still, the laptop is still agood spec and isn't ready for retirement yet!!

Just paid MH insurance & tax so could do without this. Grrrrrr.

25-07-2012, 08:51
I have three laptops, two pc's and two smart phones within my personal and business life, the smart phones and PC's have windows 7 and two of the laptops are still on XP, I go from one to the other with out a thought but my personal laptop has vista and I always have problems with vista.
XP was a huge improvement on the others before it, I really don't notice much difference from XP to the latest 7, Windows 7 seems like a much improved XP but in the same format.
Or could a lot of it be what you are used to ...................

Do the smart phones just upgrade themselves to the latest? I guess they do?

oldish hippy
25-07-2012, 08:59
all i did in win 7 was to change the start menu to a xp style start menu made it a lot easier and few other tweaks but that was main one was to change start menu

dave docwra
25-07-2012, 09:22
After years of listening to all the hype & how expensive Apple products were I decided to try an iMac after another PC failing or crashing with seemingly no cure for it, to be honest I am now in my third year with it & I will never go back to Windoze, it turns on, it updates quickly & more important when it is time to turn off it does that with no long wait for updates to be loaded, I have not found any software that I use that does not work with the OS system..


25-07-2012, 09:41

Possibly might go back to Windows for laptop in MH, only because there much cheaper.

30-09-2012, 11:01
I've got a Tosh laptop about 5 years old running XP. Use it for all the business stuff, letters, invoices, web, accounts, research, etc.

Good little machine, never any problems with XP, knew all about Vista probs never went near it.
Wiped Vista off the Tosh the day I got it and installed XP.
Don't see any need to upgrade machine or OPs system until absolutely necessary.

Neil has a big top spec iMac that runs Parallels for getting to all the windows stuff, so dual system.

I use an old (but luvverly!) big screen iMac downstairs in the kitchen, purely for fun stuff, eBay (buying and selling), watching iPlayer, listening to the radio, Wild Camping (of course!), etc. etc.

Neil lashed out on an iPad last christmas, very useful for wild camping and other things.

We both now have iPhones, recent acquisition. I had an old brick for about 10 years, only used in emergencies. Got my iPhone last summer. Never go anywhere without it.
Neil got a second hand iPhone about 3 months ago. He never used a mobile phone until then.
Bought him a p.a.y.g. mobile about 5 years ago put 25 credit on 3 years later still had credit on lol waste of money!
He's got into his iPhone now and uses it a lot.

We're not heart surgeons and none of our customers are going to die if we're not at the end of the phone.

Rarely give my mobile phone number to anyone except relatives, close friends and essentials, and NEVER register it anywhere on t'internet. We all get enough junk mail as it is.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. ;)

30-09-2012, 13:17
we use several old laptops for business, they all have xp, firefox and open office. they do all we need a computer to do and all were bought used on fleabay.. but my own personal laptop is running on puppy linux which i prefer. the mrs has a younger desktop that came with vista but has recently been changed to windows 7. on vista it was always slower than the old laptops.. whilst i can buy suitable laptops for arround the 30 quid mark i dont see any need to go any "better"