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26-07-2012, 13:26
Greetings all,

Seeing a recent mention about Gall stones made me remember my Opp.

Having had Acute Pancreatitus, they found it was caused by Gall stones.

There I was, lying in the ward, waiting for the Specialist to examine me, when he arrived with half a dozen trainee doctors.

Would I mine them examining me he asked. Not at all says I.

When they had finished he asked if I was in pain at this moment.

Well not right now, but it comes and goes.

Well he said, do you really want an operation?

As Iv'e got a round of golf arranged this afternoon.

Just then his Phone rang and he said excuse me and went out of the ward.

As he was leaving I said right Doctors, what should we do?

On his return he said Right you lot, what have we decided to do, as I have to come in anyway now.

I asked what are the downsides of not having the opp.

Well he said, in ten years it will probably turn to cancer.

But don't worry as a man of your age probably won't last that long?

Needless to say I had the opp, and yes its been over ten years ago.

My own Doctor could'nt believe he had said I could go home and forget it.

Just another point,

Appendix out at aged seven. Kept the wire stitches. (no bits)

Most teeth replaced with implants, no pain, fabulous dentist, teeth returned in box as mermento.

Circumcision aged thirty one. Skin returned to make a table lamp.

What do you mean? after all that surely I'm allowed one indiscretion.

Anyone else had anything back.

Rgd's Graham.

26-07-2012, 14:51
GULP :scared::scared::scared:

as for your table lamp giggle giggle !!! bet its a sight to behold :lol-053::lol-053: and a good topic of conversation round the dinner table