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26-07-2012, 14:48
Working on the basis that at some point I'll be able to talk a doctor into letting me drive, or that my condition will improve, I've started doing some of the jobs which need doing on the camper. I had a wasted morning travelling by bus to collect a battery tester and charge meter from Screwfix, only to find they have to order it in and I can't get it until tomorrow. This afternoon has been more productive though, I've ordered three new vents and removed the screws on the old ones, ready to come out. Hopefully I'll have the electrics sorted out by tomorrow afternoon and will know if it's the system overchsrging, or a duff battery. Then there's the annual re-build of the Discovery to contend with as the MOT is looming...

The worst part is travelling time, so I'll get somebody to run me down to fetch a battery if necessary.

26-07-2012, 14:52
There is an upside then, I know it's one youd rather not have. We bought both our batteries off the Internet, different supplier each time to get the best deal, order before 3 pm on both of them and delivery was next day! Thought it might help

26-07-2012, 14:58
I need to check the inputs first, in case either the solar panel or charger are putting out too much voltage as I don't want to risk scrapping a new battery.

26-07-2012, 15:50
This afternoon I ordered three roof vents from a company in Ilfracombe whose website said they were in stock, but I've just had an email saying they are waiting for a third one. Good job I only removed the screws and not the vents, as they are now quoting deliver a week today.