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26-07-2012, 23:52
I Have been watching this TV Programme and am amazed at the way some Doctors [ GPs ] are letting down their Patients, last nights Programme showed a man who had a very bad ulcerated leg and was having it dressed by a District Nurse weekly I think, he had been suffering with the problem for a couple of years. The doctors on the Programme discovered just by talking with him that he had a problem with his Immune system which was allowing Bacteria to thrive on his wound and make the problem much worse, it was running with discharge and smelling and he was in great pain.
He was put on a course of Intravenous anti Biotic's for a Month and other treatment , and Hey Presto his leg started to heal very well, the wound had dried up and new skin was beginning to grow back, so if the Doctors on the show could find a cure so quickly one has to wonder why his own Doctors could not in two years.

27-07-2012, 00:33
Most GPs go through a procedure before reporting health problems, i.e., With heart problems, if you have an angina pain which comes on with "exercise", no probs, they'll prescribe a GTN spray, but if it comes on at rest......deep shyt!! dial 999.

27-07-2012, 07:28
I think I need to contact the Embarrassing Bodies programme. I've noticed that one of my testicles has grown bigger than the other two. ;)