View Full Version : Olympics - done that, now what's next?

John H
27-07-2012, 10:39
Hi all

Just got back from spending yesterday in Newcastle to see the Olympic footie - and a thoroughly enjoyable day it was too. I was dreading the security checks and delays but because the Olympic Committee decided at the last minute to do what they should have done all along - that is ditch G4S and employ the local people who do it day in day out for Newcastle United - it all went very smoothly. Before the matches started there was the expected nonsense at the bar - Heinekin are the sole alcohol sponsors and so any other beer can only be sold from a pump which merely says "Ale" written in black on a white background! Nobody is supposed to tell you what it is but because everybody was asking, John Smiths Brewery got more and better advertising than if they had put a poster in the middle of the pitch Good to see that you can not only get decent beer but that the ridiculous monopolistic advertising doesn't work!

The stadium may have been half empty but the atmosphere was great (experienced a Mexican wave with real Mexicans!) and because Gabon played the most attractive football they had all the neutrals (ie most of the crowd) on their side. I don't think we saw any potential medal winners (Switzerland, Mexico, South Korea and Gabon) but at least now, thanks to my son's insistance, I can say "I woz there" and settle down to watching the rest of the sport on television (it'll certainly be a lot cheaper that way!). Then there will be just enough time to fit in a festival or two before heading off south in search of winter sun (a journey which may come sooner rather than later if the reports about the Jet Stream heading south again are accurate!)

Enjoy what remains of summer. :D