View Full Version : Decision week.

29-07-2012, 19:15
It's now been almost a week since I got home and almost two weeks since my double vision developed and my eyes have started to co-ordinate again. I noticed it last night when I was watching TV on my laptop, suddenly realising that I had both eyes open and could see a sharp image with no double vision. It hasn't returned completely, but is noticeably better at a distance, with the double vision nowhere near as bad as it was.

I've made a decision tonight, that I'm not prepared to attend pointless appointments, go for unnecessary tests and generally put my life on hold for no reason. I had a call from the secretary at the doctors on Friday. to say that the locum had now referred me to Wolverhampton, when I had already contacted Stafford after the secretary had requested an appointment there. I'll go for blood tests tomorrow and attend the ENT appointment on Thursday, but unless someone gives me a very good reason why I shouldn't be driving then I'm going to do everything in my power to sort this by the end of the week.

Apart from anything else it's putting my plans to work this Autumn and Winter on hold, as I can't put out information to schools, or book talks, if I'm going to be hanging around for endless appointments. Even paying and going privately it's two weeks for an appointment and then it could still be weeks following up, during which time the nights are getting longer and the light in the evenings disappearing earlier.