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03-08-2012, 12:31
... so here's one of our 3 cats.

Never wanted any of them, but promised a friend we'd look after his if he died, which he duly did, the rotter!

Bailey. Rescue cat from Argyle, Scotland, tonkinese cross. Now about 8 years old.
The biggest character of them all, more dog than cat.
Comes running like a puppy when you shout his name - and that's from 2 fields away behind our house.

Occasionally gets the urge to go round every single drawer in the bedroom, opening them and having a look inside.

Favourite pastime is sneaking into the downstairs loo (the other half, Neil, often forgets to shut the doors behind him - it's a man thing)
opening the cupboard door underneath the sink and decimating the loo roll supply. That and bringing us a mountain of dead creatures. Yuk!

Cats. Who'd have 'em. Bleeding nuisance they are. They certainly don't go together with gardening.
But hey ho. Animals are for life <sigh>

I have a friend who uses the same name for all the cats she's owned over the years: Cooking Fat. :lol-053:

All the cats love our camper, but they're too old now to get used to going away with us. Now that WOULD cause mayhem at camping meets! :lol-049:

03-08-2012, 12:35
Oh, b****r! I've posted twice. Sorry! Thought pic was too small, went to make it bigger and duuuurrr.


03-08-2012, 12:53
Grrrrr - We don't agree!!

There are not enough dogs as far as we are concerned