View Full Version : Prejudice don't pay.

03-08-2012, 15:59
Greetings all, I have a friend who lives in the midlands, who is very racially prejudiced

As far as I know it stems from his distant past.

Every where he goes, he does his best to avoid anyone colored.

This is the bit where Murfy's law kicks in.

Feeling unwell for some hours his chest pains got worse.

So much so he had to go to the hospital in Birminham. Q. E. on his own.

His condition deteriated on the way there, where he collapsed on the on the way in.

Finding it hard to speak, he noticed three nurses pass by, one muttering she can't stand drunks.

Luckly the fourth one, a man, gave him a look over and rushed him inside.

This is where his problem started as they had only coloured doctors/consultants on duty.

His demands for a white doctor were not possible, so he said he was going home.

At this point an Egyptian consultant came in and gave it him straight.

Well Mr ------, we have no problems sending you home,

You could last for up to two weeks at most.

On the otherhand, I could do the operation myself. which iv'e done many times.

And you should have a few more years left in you.

I have a good I have a good track record with these opps, and its your choice.

I'll leave you for ten minuets to decide, and ring for a cab should you decide to go home?

Guess what! the consultant didn't even get to the door when he said OK as long as you do it yourself.

This has been a couple of years ago now. He still has problems, but will only see that particular Surgeon,

Who he now plays golf with.

I went to visit him a couple of times in there, where his attitude had mellowed somewhat.

I often wondered what would happen in real life, should this senareo occure,

Well now I know, and he's gone very quiet on the said subject nowerdays?

Rgd's Graham.