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fishy & Nina
04-08-2012, 15:33
We forgot that the NHIC cards run out after a time and, as we have now got a chance to go abroad this year I started to get the paperwork ready for our trip and annoyance found that our cards had run out!

Luckily we had a few weeks to get sorted so I went online to renew. Put NHIC in the seach engine and opened the first link - to my amazement they wanted a fee for renewal, and a larger fee for an 'express' service!

Having short arms and deep pockets I looked for another site lower on the list. I found the 'gov' site where it was all free and they say that they can normally have it delivered within 10 days - well, ours arrived in 7 days and was all done in July (presumably a busy time) so hats off to them.

My few points are:
1. Don't forget that they run out!

2. If yours does it doesn't take long for a new one to be provided.

3. Be careful which website you renew via - it should not cost you anything!

Have fun:wave:

04-08-2012, 16:33
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