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Wind Dancer
04-08-2012, 17:35
Ooh err.....I was posting a thread, and by the time I did I was no longer a full member!

I got an email notice from admin 3 days ago to say it was due to expire but I could not see a renewal date on it, and honestly thought there would be more time. With so many distraction lately (I was at the Olympics :dance:) I didn't quite get around to it in time :sad:

Soooo does that mean I have lost all my PM's, or will I get them back again when I renew?

Does the membership become renewable a year from the date it was taken, or at the beginning of the month it was taken out?

just jane
04-08-2012, 17:51
Did you get an email which just told you your membership was due because I have not noticed receiving such an email but i think my membership should be due soon and I have just noticed that the POI download tells me that I cannot download the file I need to be a full member so really i am just posting this message to see if I am labelled as a full or free member :lol-053:

Edit: ooo I am free member, mine must have run out in the last week because I am sure I only downloaded the July POI last week, so i could do with answers to all of the questions above

04-08-2012, 18:02
Post deleted

Wind Dancer
04-08-2012, 18:21
I did receive an email, but only 3 days ago. I missed it at first as I get one every month asking me to join! I didn't realise this was different and I actually was due to rejoin this time.

I haven't downloaded POI's for a year so didn't notice that way (still not figured out how to do it on a mac - though Phil said he would help me :) ). My avatar on the home page went away past day or 2, but when I when to check it, it was there on my other pages.

I don't seem to have 'active subscriptions', but in paid subs it just brings up the advert to join.

Wind Dancer
04-08-2012, 22:52
They didn't come up before, but I've still got my private messages, yay!