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05-08-2012, 11:31
hello all
well we are new to wild camping & are just about to set off on an adventure wild camping from Berwick-upon-tweed right round to Whitehaven in the lakes & may be even calling in at the isle of man?
wow! how we are looking forward to it with bated breath!
any help on places to pull in for a night would be soooo appreciated! we are just setting of into the sun set with a clean pair of pants each lol.
we are going in a 17.5 foot long knaus traveller so she only a little en?
we want to stick to the coast as much as poss, but taking in a few loch too! please please any advice greatly appreciated, had campers/motorhomes for years but been a bit restricted due to running/owning a pub, but we are all clear now so we're off!
kind regards & thanks karen
ps we are county & western enthusiasts too so any club/festival info up there also appreciated: email : bradley1910@hotmail.com

05-08-2012, 11:54
Joining as a full member would give you access to the directions to a vast number of overnight stops, however I have wlid camped in and around Scotland for a number of years, and have had no problem wilding, I tend to look at the map and take a shot, identifying a few likely places, and not sticking to a specific time table. - enjoy

05-08-2012, 13:03
Hi, :welcome: to the site, being a full member lets you down load POIs. IOM is motorhome friendly, I visit there twice a year for the races:scooter:, off there middle to end of this month in my knaus traveller, if your there same time call in and ill put a brew on,:have fun: Mick

05-08-2012, 14:04
Hi, we visit Scotland a lot and I have written quite a few pages about our trips and where we stay on Virtual Tourist. Have a look if you want some ideas:

nickandchris's Travel Map (http://members.virtualtourist.com/m/m/87f23/)

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05-08-2012, 14:15
If you stick to the coast from Berwick to Carlisle you have several hundred miles to travel - but it's all lovely! ;)

05-08-2012, 17:54
hi guys...thanks so much for your reply's ...i feel so much better knowing we are taking virtual friends with us! you advice is all so so welcome xx::cheers: