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12-08-2012, 21:03
We have just had the World Pipeband Championships here again on the Glasgow Green.

However, this year ALL Motorhomes were banned from parking as they usually do on the "Green" itself.
Various reasons were given and all MHs' and campervans who were parked there last year received letters informing them of the ban.
The overall majority of these vehicles accommodate Band members who use their vans to don their uniforms and carry their instruments as well as their families to watch them compete.
Anyway, I was away for a couple of days touring Dumfries and Galloway and arrived home to find 4 large Motorhomes parked outside my place in the street bordering the "Green". Maybe it was because the neighbours are used to seeing mine there that they didn't seem to mind these large vehicles taking up the spaces available.
To cut a long story short, word got round and another 4 vehicles turned up and were guided to appropriate parking spots by myself and my neighbours.
These vehicles were not small, in fact I think my little Elddis 130 was the smallest van there. They ranged from Burstner 747s to Arapaho SE, Auto-trails, Carioca and others.
It is now Sunday night and all the vans have gone, and, you know what, NOT A PIECE OF LITTER has been left behind. In fact they only things they left behind were gifts for those neighbours who offered them hospitality this week-end.
The Motorhomers have all been told that will be welcome back next year and they have responded in the affirmative.
The vans took up a lot of parking spots usually used by visiting private cars who, when they leave usually leave behind lots of litter such as, dirty nappies, McDonalds meal packaging and other unsightly items too numerous to mention.
So, next year we hope to see the same families and they will be welcomed again.
I only hope that the turn-out remains manageable and that the same respect for the area this time continues.
"Good on you wildcampers"

Sorry, should have put this in Motorhome Chat section.

12-08-2012, 21:18
How nice to hear some good feedback for a change.

Usually the opposite is the only news,

Lets hope it gets further than these few pages of sensible people who behave likewise anyway.

Well done and keep these stories comming, Who knows, someone in aurthority may read them one day?

Rgd's Graham. :wacko: