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13-08-2012, 22:06
On Thursday I spent a day aboard the recently restored Thames Sailing Barge Edith May. We sailed out of Halstow Creek in a flat calm at 6am, carried by the tideflow. At 7am we anchored for full English breakfast. When we emerged we were in thick fog! It burnt off by about 1030, enabling us to sail a figure of eight around some of the Medway Estuary Islands with a pause under anchor for lunch alongside Deadmans Island (where the French were incarcerated in hulks until they died and were thrown overboard. Quite right too.)

It was good to have my hands on the wheel for a while even though it was 14 turns from hard over to hard over. Brought back many memories of RN days. (Not quite as far back as Nelson).

I found I could camp overnight right outside their car park gate at Lower Halstow, Kent, although it is opposite houses. But they don't seem, to mind for just one night.


A day on the Edith May is not cheap, but you do get three good meals too. I would recommend it. I had a fabulous time.

Edith May Thames Barge Charter (http://www.edithmaybargecharter.co.uk/)

Images here:

Picasa Web Albums - Tony Haynes - Edith May 09.... (http://tinyurl.com/cxgqwb8)



Funky Farmer
13-08-2012, 22:21
I love that area. We go to Sheppy at least once a year, mainly bird watching.

Enjoyed your picture gallery I'm quite jealous now .. Well done