View Full Version : Well been to dentist...

14-08-2012, 15:05
and i begged them to just pull the bloody thing as i couldnt take anymore of it.So the tooth is gone and im relieved hopefully this is the end of it.Strange experience as it was my first extraction glad it was numbed lol with the yanking and the chiseling.

Deleted user 21925
14-08-2012, 16:04
I hate going to the Dentist. Julie refuses to have anaesthetic at the Dentists, even for an extraction!, they say women have a higher pain threshold.....

14-08-2012, 16:17
After an accident underground, I had a lot of teeth (well, stumps) extracted at the one session. It was around 1968 and I was not offered gas. Did they have it back then?

It took ages to inject and numb my gums and just built up the suspense for the pulling stage. :D

Mind you, it cured me of a fear of the Dentist. I felt a bit of a fraud going back after that with only one problem tooth. :raofl:

oldish hippy
14-08-2012, 16:43
got a spare set in the van lol

14-08-2012, 16:53
A word of warning dont eat chiili and rice after having one out :idea-007:

Le Foot
14-08-2012, 20:28
UGH!!! Had a filling, and clean & polish yesterday!! 48 on NHS. Necessary evil!! but happy today that I should be troupble free for next 6 months at least.