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16-08-2012, 10:06
BT mailed me the other day saying they're installing new equipment at the exchange and I may be off for a short period etc etc.

I'm back online now and the first thing I see is my broadband speed has gone up from an average of 6500 kbs to approx 13000 kbs, a doubling in speed.

My mate just down the road who was switched last week has gone from 6900 to 17200 now it's settled down, so I'm looking for greater speed (upload is about 700 kbs approx double as well.

Of course that's the local loop improved, if there's a constriction further down the line, there's nothing I can do, but it seems to have made a great improvement.

For once, thanks BT!!

Means I can get to the WC website quicker now, esp once Phil has his own server operating in the UK!!

Guernsey Donkey
17-08-2012, 11:37
Your lucky this area ranges from 0.85 to 5.5

17-08-2012, 11:50
Virgin are doing the same. I got a free combined modem/wired/wireless router (which replaces my separates giving me one spare mains socket) and a free increase in speed from 20mb to 60mb. Tests show speeds of 63mb. I was thinking of upgrading so getting it for free was a very pleasant surprise. Thank you Mr Branson! :)

17-08-2012, 12:00
Up here I am lucky to get 0.5 m broadband through B.T., and thats high speed accoding to them, wonder what infinity broadband would be like?

David & Ann
17-08-2012, 13:44
Slightly off topic.. What is the difference of a 2/4/8/16GB's USB stick where you can load files or pics to a, say, 8GB USB flash drive.?? I got one with my purchase of a wireless mouse. Thank you☺☺☺

17-08-2012, 13:47
No difference

17-08-2012, 14:07
Post deleted

17-08-2012, 14:21
I don't know what to do with all this speed now :D


Show off!! Nice to have Fibre!!

Still got copper underground here.

Like I've said before, nothing tops the 10 GB/s Ethernet including 10 GB/s+ into the various ISP's I had across Europe and North America and into the Far East, but that was a previous life

17-08-2012, 14:36
Your lucky this area ranges from 0.85 to 5.5

Yes but i'd rather be where you are than have the speed where i am :rabbit: