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18-08-2012, 13:10
We are planning to treat the kids and go to Drayton manor for a few days, do you know of any good over night stops, there are couple of pub stops listed within 30 minutes, not sure if they are an overnight stop or no

Many thanks Dave:D

18-08-2012, 14:47

The C&C site at the park is really expensive now. I think I worked out it adds an extra 80-100 as you can only stay for 2 nights.

We live close to and regularly eat at the Tame Otter (01827 53361) and the Red Lion ( John - 01827 62514) in Hopwas about 2 miles from Drayton Manor. They are both on the canal and both have overflow car parks. Might be worth giving them a ring to see if you could stop if you eat/drink?

Fazeley, where DM is, has a small but well stocked Tesco, a cracking chip shop, Chinese and Indian takeaways.

There are a few big laybys I can tell you about if you get really stuck, but they are all on roads.

:have fun:

18-08-2012, 15:13
The Tame Otter is one of our listed pub stops.

You could also try this spot:

Lea Marston - Google Maps (http://tinyurl.com/7ojddeg)



18-08-2012, 16:53
The Tame Otter is one of our listed pub stops.

Looks like we'll be going down in Mobi in future rather than the car :cheers:

18-08-2012, 17:01
:sleep-027:Cheers for the info,

We stayed at Drayton manor last year, when they were just getting the camping area ready. We were shocked at how much they are charging this year:scared:.

I have just got off the Phone with "The Green man Pub" which is quite close, they seem cool for us to stay over as well. plenty of possible options for a few nights.

I will keep you all posted on how we got on:D

Thanks Dave

18-08-2012, 18:10
Greetings, we go to see friends quie often there,

Go past Drayton manor heading towards the golf course or B'ham, away from the A5.

about 1 to 1,1 2 miles on the right are two good layby's. never been full yet.

Another good one is about a mile away, go to the right and behind the Robert Peel hospital, Fazeley.

They have ended the road there, to build the M6 Toll Rd. Great spot, used it for years.

Lots of take-aways in Fazeley, take one with you.

Google it and have a nose.

Rgds Graham.

18-08-2012, 18:52
Thanks for these - I've added them to the POIs :)