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20-08-2012, 13:18
right here i go. just aquired myself a new second hand lappy ,the only thing is it wont let me watch you tube vids ,or play online games .every time i try on you tube it sayes MISSING PLUG INS or i need to download latest version of ADOBE PLAYER is it activex ????.so off i goes and download it ,finishes downloading and when i install i keep getting failed to initiate .so after threatening the lappy with a good old thrashing ,and racking my poor old brainhow to download it i am pleading for help

20-08-2012, 13:29
How old is the laptop and what OS, because it might not support the latest version of adobe flash player. Should do though unless it is ancient or short of RAM or something.

oldish hippy
20-08-2012, 13:36
Archived Flash Player versions (http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/archived-flash-player-versions.html) is the date and time set right on laptop

20-08-2012, 13:40
no checked the requirements for latest adobe and i am ok .its running xp home 40 gig hard drive and roundabout 500 plus meg of ram its an ei system lappy and it is quite fast

20-08-2012, 13:55
right date andb time was wrong ,sorted .but it seems this thing is running 32 bit and needs to be 64 mmmmm will have to look into it

oldish hippy
20-08-2012, 13:59
try again hve known it not to intalise because date and time where wrong it should run 32 bit not 64 bit and do reboot it sometimes that will help

20-08-2012, 15:15
thank you ,time and date wasnt set silly me .all up and running great .

oldish hippy
20-08-2012, 15:23
pleased for you glad iwas able to help