View Full Version : Off to Honiton Hill Steam Rally

22-08-2012, 16:29
That's us all loaded up ready for the trip down to Honiton we show Vintage Cycles and this could be our last rally because I am getting to weak to lift the ols butchers bike onto the bike rack. It is always a good rally with plenty for every one even if steam engines are not your thing, I like the auction on a Monday but I have never seen so much junk being sold or stolen things go walk about there we have seen a man bid and win some thing but by the time he has paid for it the item has gone. If you are there we are peg 184 and we will be flying a Great Bustard flag as well as others. So call along and you never know you might get a cup of tea and a Ryvita.:lol-053::lol-053:

donkey too
22-08-2012, 16:47
Which Honiton? Devon?

22-08-2012, 16:51
Yes sorry Lets hope that the field is dryish for us to get on

22-08-2012, 20:03
:have fun: Sounds good!

22-08-2012, 21:41
Change your bike would be my advice.

I saw one at the Vintage Rally at Kelso where the frame was made of Bamboo. Only the intersecting fittings were metal. It must have been very light. :)

oldish hippy
23-08-2012, 03:34
seen quite few in my time the old sunbeam ,rudge whitworth,birmingham,smalll arms company, did have police special raliegh rod brakes , 28inch frame for when thy used to have the hieght restriction for the police force,worked in a bike shop and the owner uused to collect a few bit and pieces the old carbide lamps ,etc,who did the butcher was it pashley the same who used to do the gpo bikes trying to remeber one of them did a shaft drive i think ? cant remeber who think is was part of the frame had a curliy hitchins frame as well and used to race a barrow reynolds 531 tubing .? lug all fancy cutout s built by hand