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25-08-2012, 19:11
Lovely spot, except for the fact that we were visited by boy-racerhoodlums doing 360 spins mighty close to our van which was tucked out of the way at the POI late last night.
Thankfully when i turned on the lights and 8 dogs started growling and barking they got the message and cleared off, but it was unnerving for a time.
Sadly lots of camping and barbeque/fire waste had been left here too both on the beach and in the grass

08-10-2012, 08:34
Visited over the weekend. Really nice spot - we will go back.
No other vehicles there overnight. There is a good sized corner slab just as you drive in on the right (not fully flat though).

Fairly tidy and clean - but there was a few bits of waste about.

GSM only on O2 - but good signal. Reasonable TV signal.

Note - there were several horse boxes there early doors (8am ish).
Not that I was complaining as the one that parked next to us was being driven by 2 very nice looking yound ladies :heart:

Also very popular with dog walkers. There is a very good (but narrow) footpath that runs towards Blackpool (ends at Knott End).
Its just over 3 miles long, so about a 2 hour walk to the end and back. Very flat.

If you want to get away before the first visitors I would advise to leave before 7am.
Not that anyone was bothered by us - we left at about 11am.

If you are not from the area there is a very good chip shop about 10 miles away (Seniors at Thornton - FY5 4AB) - gets very busy but worth it - closes at 8pm (7pm Sun).

Nearest pub to the POI is the Golden Ball PR3 6AA.

08-10-2012, 11:09
Thanks for the update :)

13-02-2015, 17:25
We stayed at this Pilling wild camping site last week. It was a perfect location. As the others have said lots of dog walkers in the early evening and again in the morning and some horseboxes also arrived in the morning for a coastal trek. But none of them were remotely interested in us. We did notice that the POI is immediately inland of some sea defences - we asked one of the locals if the sea ever breached them - she said only very rarely! So beware staying if there is an uber high tide combined with an uber high wind! Only other thing worth mentioning is that after dark, but before midnight there were a few romantic trysts taking place in some cars nearby - but what can you expect in a peaceful beauty spot. Great recommendation. Thanks, Catherine