View Full Version : Malham Tarn / Settle Area

26-08-2012, 13:25
BTW Malham Tarn 1 car park has a no overnight parking / camping sign on it -other 2 listed spots OK

The Malham sites (as with Langcliffe scar) are acessible to most motorhomes in spite of 7ft 6in width restrictions. Have observed quite a number of 7.5 tonne delivery vechs.

There is one car park in Settle that doesnt post any overnight restrictions just a 2 ticket from 16:00 to 10:00.

26-08-2012, 13:43
Thanks for the update.
Wish I had known about the width restriction access last week, I reversed out after seeing the sign post and took a 20 mile diversion through Settle to get to Malham Tarn, a great place though, can we have more info on the Settle car park please this could be a good night stop.

21-02-2013, 13:56
Was up Malham tarn last weekend, the Car park on the Malham/Settle road does have a no overnight sign, but doesn't have any bylaws posted. Anyway 2 vans stayed over without any problems.
We stayed in the small quarry car park on the Arncliffe road, no, no overnight signs.
It's a great drive to Arncliffe, but not for the feint heated.

21-02-2013, 16:37
I can confirm that the width restriction is a frightener but I took my 4250kg Rapido over Arncliffe , 9 miles of single track with 20% gradients due to a closed road on the way to Grassington
A bit of bottom twitching but squeezed through all the stone walled cattle grids