View Full Version : ducks and things!

13-09-2007, 14:39
Heard this duck joke at work, by the way it's not the one about the guy who sees a duck tap dancing on a biscuit tin in a shop window and goes to buy it but the shopkeeper says is not for sale but the guy hassles him and the shopkeeper eventually says "ok 50 and it's yours" Guy takes it home shows the wife and the two of them watch the duck for hours tap dancing on this biscuit tin until they get tired and go to bed, but they can't sleep for the noise of the tap dancing cos the duck just won't stop so they phone the shopkeeper up and he says "come into the shop, give me another 50 and I'll tell you how to stop it." Guys goes into the shop hands over the 50 and the shopkeeper says "just open the lid and blow out the candles!!".....
No it's the joke about the duck who chaps this guy's door and says "got any bread?" the guy says "no" and the duck says "got any bread?" again the guy says "no" but the duck keeps on asking if he's got any bread time and time again, so the guy gets a bit peed off and says "if you ask me that again I'm gonna chop your head off" "got an axe?" asks the duck "no" says the guy, "got any bread?" says the duck!!:D :D