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05-02-2005, 09:54
Hi ,roi
Iv,e just been looking at the up dates on the w/c site ,i noticed you,ve visited the washington w/ park,i live about 3 miles from there, next time you,re up this way send me an e mail and i,ll meet up with you


05-02-2005, 19:08
carman, belighted to accept your offer but I haven't actually overnighted there.
when the site crashed and we lost a lot of data it just so happened that I'd kept a list and am trying to sort everything out into counties and repost them so it is someone else who has been there. I di overnight near there and at Lindisfarne tho a couple of years ago.
sorry for the delay in getting these places posted but I'm having a few personal problems and a few pc problems. damn this micro**** xp.
and toyota and solicitors and police and neighbours [who dont like mh's ] and spares suppliers and M in L's and a few others too. I have been slightly distracted by all these problems.
I will get it done and posted before we all go off and find new places this summer.