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25-09-2007, 12:38
I live near the NEC, and would recommend a place in Coleshill (about 2 miles away from NEC max).

From the NEC head north on the A446 straight on at the island with coleshill police station then turn right at the next island, turn left just before the harvester pub. This road has small industrial units on the right hand side and houses on the left these are set back from the road. At the end of the large grassed area (which is on your left) there is a community centre behind a high hedge with a small park, there is a carpark behind the centre which is quite secluded (no houses overlooking) with access to a large grassed area. I can also recommend the Harvester pub mentioned. Just handy for the nec....;)

04-10-2007, 22:08
I'm sure that I read somewhere that parking overnight in one of the NEC carparks was OK and free.
Not the CC temporary site (20 pounds a night!) but one of the others.
Does anybody have any experience of this or know if this is true?
Thanks and regards

13-03-2010, 17:58
loubylou your derections are a little vague, grid ref, road or a little more description so i can find it on google earth would be nice. off to the NEC in a few weeks so it would come in handy :)

13-03-2010, 18:19
I definitely know of one m/home which overnighted 2 nights ago. They were exhibitors at Crufts.

04-03-2011, 16:48
Is it Coleshill Community Centre, Temple Way, Coleshill?

04-03-2011, 17:20
Is it Coleshill Community Centre, Temple Way, Coleshill?

I reckon so - it's here Station Road, Coleshill - Google Maps (http://tinyurl.com/4hovthq)

Anyone used it recently?

04-03-2011, 17:44
Shustoke Reservoir may be an option ... 52.51634, -1.66899 - Google Maps (http://tinyurl.com/4dcadma)

25-07-2011, 22:19
The Coleshill Comunity Centre carpark is free, but it gets a lot of Twilight traffic. A lot use the bottle banks and recycling centre. Police station very close, but ive never been visited.
Personally, I don't feel safe there, but it is possible.

For NEC, take the feeder road from A45 for the airport, turn into Catherine de Barnes Road and there is a bridge underneath the main carriageway, where a lot of taxis stop to await pickups at airport. Ive stopped there one night in stealth van, no problems, but an ex airport security employee told me there are lots of plain clothes patrols in this area, because of proximity to airport.

25-07-2011, 22:21
Sorry, I forgot to say, a good location for NEC is the carpark at Hatchford Brook Golf club. Free, no barriers, a few HGV's. A bit of twilight traffic, but I've never had problems.

30-09-2011, 13:22
Shustoke Reservoir may be an option ... 52.51634, -1.66899 - Google Maps (http://tinyurl.com/4dcadma)

We will be travelling from 'oop north' to NEC setting off on Friday night 10th October. Is this spot still a possibility? Looks like a great view of the reservoir!


18-10-2011, 19:47
Thanks for suggesting Shustoke Reservoir - it was a great stopover, tucked away among the shrubs which divided the car park into bays. Noticed 2 other m/homes as we were pulling in at 11.15 on Friday night, ready for NEC on Saturday.
Would def. use it again, but would park at the end nearest the gate in, as we went to the other end and realised the road went past there and was quite busy.


18-10-2011, 19:51
Used Shustoke reservoir to stop over on Friday night,as well as a couple of other m/homers. Apart from going too far into the car park and ending up with traffic noise, it is a great place to stop over.

Marydot :wave:

18-10-2011, 23:14
Thanks for the update - it's good to know it's still OK :)