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..:j u s t j o h n:..
28-06-2004, 16:20
I'll try and add as many as I find :D

1. Saltburn-By-The-Sea - The car park just over the road from the beach (I've seen a good few motorhomes here in the past, some have stayed there for days)

2. Sandsend (outsided Whitby) - The beach car park seems kosha, know a few people who've spent a night there with no problems

3. Robin Hoods Bay - On the moors turn off to Fylingdale there's a few good lay-bys - one just off the moors road and one slightly further down, on the right.

Always looking! ;)

28-06-2004, 18:38
Sandsend looks great. Saw a VW bay view camper there last summer and was rather envious. A good place to go is Staithes but not sure about where to park up - don't drive down the main street though!

..:j u s t j o h n:..
05-07-2004, 10:59
Was probably us at Sandsend :D

I know what you mean about Staithes though, getting down's the easy part!

If you take the turn-off after Staithes to Cowbar, there's some nice quiet car parks which are fine to camp in - watch out though, they're very close to the cliff edge :unsure: