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08-10-2012, 18:06
whoever wants to go by "landline" to greece, here the actual costs.
i drove beginning of september from villach/aus via slovenia, croatia, serbia, makedonia.
highway cost all together including toll for karawankentunnel were 70 euros.
everywhere creditcard and euros accepted, except macedonia, here only creditcard or macedonian dinar, nothing else.
diesel about 1,50 to 1,60 per litre.

greetings from volos, 32 degrees celsius.


26-10-2012, 20:12
Any idea of how many miles/kilometers?

26-10-2012, 20:56
We are undecided where to go next and Greece is an option we are contemplating. In addition to question about distance may I ask also:
How many days did you take?

What was roads/traffic like in the different countries? Was that route specifically chosen?

Where did you stop?

Had you been before? If yes any noticeable differences since the economic downturn?

Many Thanks

31-10-2012, 17:39
Hi to all,
concerning the questions some information, because i love greece.

My wife and me lived and worked in greece from 2002-2004 and today we spent 4 weeks in greece to see again our "old love" and our friends.
We made the way to greece several times via ferry, ancona-igoumenitsa and 10 times by landline via so called "autoput" through serbia, macedonia.
Today we are just on back tour to germany and pesently at the south austrian border in "St. Stefan im Rosental", roughly between Graz and Maribor.
Motorhome is an 80 hp Ford, Elnagh Columbia 102, below 3,5 to, 18 years old, excellent condition.
We are safeguarded by "Rottweiler Protection System"....and never needed it.
Sorry for late answer, internet problems, not always we had a good internet card.

The questions:

1. Distance:
The distance between Villach/Austria and Evzoni/ Greece northern border, is about 1200 Km.
It is 90% highway, mainly good conditions, always usable.

2. Route:
Our route to Greece was Villach, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrad, Nis, Kumanovo, Negotino. Then we left the highway and drove via Prilep, Bitola to Florina/GR.
The route back was Kavala/GR, Drama/GR , Goce Delcev/Bulgaria, Batak, Pazardzik, Sofia, Nis, Belgrad, Zagreb, Maribor, Austria.
In between we were down up to Finikounda/Peloponnes.

3. Overnight staying, stops:
Down to Greece we stayed near Villach, from there we divided the route in four portions, each about 200-400 Km.
The first stop on road was in Otocec, Slovenia, at Kamp Otocec, open 1.apr-15.oct. Pos 45d 50m16s N/15d14m15s E (camp is usable, between Lubljana and Zagreb)
Secondly in Camping Zasavica, Pos 44d 57m 38.0s N/ 19d 31m 23.0s E. This is near Sremska Mitrovica. Camp open April to end of October. Excellent campsite.
Third stop at Motel Kamp Predejane, 20 km south Leskovac. Direct at "autoput" , cannot be missed. Open all year, filling station and restaurant, with security, electricity, showers, shops nearby. Average quality, noisy.
Next stop in Greece.

Back tour in two parts:
The start in Kavala to Batak/Bulgaria, campsite Eco-Camping. Tel: 00359 894209911 ( english speaking, very friendly american bulgarian, site a little bit abroad).
Then first part ended at the third filling station in Croatia ( i dont now why, i was just tired). There we slept.
Second portion from southern Croatia till Austria. We decided to do the distance this time in two portions, cause we want to go home quickly.

4. Traffic situation:
Always ok, border controls ok, no problems.
Minor roads in bulgaria are "a mass", during night time dangerous.
Major roads in Bulgaria usable but often in bad conditions.

5. Differences due to economic situation:
We, even as germans, had no problems at all in greece, repeat no problems, nothing.
The people are very friendly and helpfull. For me, no other country in Europe is that friendly.
But, one can see, how the economic situation changes the country. E. g. many large shops are empty, the small shops survived, many filling station are closed. Tavernas are often empty. Highways are empty.

People are friendly, but more apathic then ever. They have no hope, but this has absolutely no impact on their kindness to the people of other nations.
Prices in supermarkets are 150% of the prices in germany, life is not very cheep, except you eat only tomatoes and salad.
Diesel is between 1,40 and 1,60 Euros per litre.
Campsites are expensive, in regard to the quality of infrastructure etc.
Nearly all beaches are dirty. Where ever greeks can get access to a public beach, the beach is dirty.. The towns are relatively clean. I regret to say, but out of my opinion the whole country is a huge dustbin. Greeks have no feeling for that.

When you can live with that, Greece is the most wonderful country in Europe.
And Greece is great for "Wilding", outside the summer season from july till september, there are absolutely no problems to stay overnight, as well as for some days more. Only "camping" is forbidden, that means, to use chairs, tents and so on. Staying with a mobile home at the beach or in a town, nobody cares about.

Safety: Absolutely safe, no problems, never. Wether this is valid for Athens, i doubt, but i did not test it.

There is absolutely no problem to go to Greece and to go via landline. We felt no danger and had no problems. We will easily do it again.

And , pls. excuse my peculiar english, i am not a native speaker

Best wishes

Bernd an Anni

01-11-2012, 08:23
May i add,that most roads in Bulgaria,are good,some new,and theres a new motorway running nearly the whole length,compared to German roads,i would say most of Europe is not up to par with lol.The Gotse Delcev route from Drama into Bulgaria,is not to be compared with most Bulgarian roads,although not that bad anyway,compared to some 'British roads'.i would suggest if anyone has the time,when passing through countries,is to see a little of them,as a comparison or thought of a country,shouldn't be compared to driving on one road on route to another,so many things are missed and conceptions of a country can be wrong.
for instance i knew a 'London' couple who,came via Romania to meet up with us in Greece (Kavala) then onto Turkey later,and when i asked what they thought of Bulgaria (as i live here) they said " they didn't like it" i asked why ? they couldn't answer,as they hadn't stopped,parked,slept,shopped,or seen anything,just one road at a dash...now they will tell everyone that Bulgaria wasn't as good as Turkey or Greece (both countries they stayed and toured for a few months in each one ! Bulgaria a few hours mad dash...see what i'm getting at? If you stay on a motorway in Greece or Turkey,non stop,or any country for that matter (M4,M25) Germany/Austria even,it would look and seem drab/boring/unlikeable ?The French and Belguim side,when entering on route,look ????but if you tae the time to SEE something there,its a lovely place....
I have been told that Sebia and Crotia are very beautiful and welcoming,travelling through Serbia for me,was much the much,motorway...as my destination was Bulgaria,it wasn't a holiday,as i was emigrating,didn't have the time to stop,but i will or wouldn't pass judgement on a place or country,by just driving through it.

(this is not in reference to Bernd and Anni's post )

Pic is new 'small' border pass from Xanthi into Bulgaria.

01-11-2012, 17:24
i guess, i am not in contradiction to anybody. I drove twice through the south western portion of Bulgaria, more of it, i did not see. It is a lovely region and worth to be seen. I did no judgement about Bulgaria itself.
I have seen during the last years following roads:
-Sandanski via Blagoevgrad till Dupnica.....road ok.
-Dupnica via Klustendil up to serbian border direction Vranje.....road usable,
-but between Klustendil and border, big holes in the road, with reduced visibility it is dangerous.
-The road from Drama -greek border to Goce Delcev is ok, usable.
- The road Golce Deljev-Satovca-Dospat-Batak is in bad condition, road works without warning signs, many holes in the asphalt, squaremeters with depth about 30 cm on all sides. All cars drove zig-zag. This conditions occured for many (20) kilometers, during night and rain out of my opinion absolutely dangerous.
-Batak to Pazardzik usable, but at night with rain dangerous.
-E 80 from Pazardzik to Sofia ....for an European Road out of my opinion in bad condition, but usable and no problem.

More of roads of Bulgaria i dont know. The question was about traffic conditions to Greece, thats my personal (limited) experience, sorry about.

About the small portion of Bulgaria, that i saw, i experienced, it is a lovely, beautiful country, with helpful and friendly people....but this was not the question.
Therefor i will use as landline to Greece (topic) not the way through Bulgaria, and when, only on main roads.

Sorry for my personal opinion, may be i misunderstood something due to my bad english.


01-11-2012, 18:08
.... may be i misunderstood something due to my bad english.

Wunderbar - May I congratulate you on your English, better than many I have met who are English.

Also ...
The info about Bulgaria was very informative. - How long ago did you travel the journey?


01-11-2012, 18:29
.. i would suggest if anyone has the time,when passing through countries,is to see a little of them,as a comparison or thought of a country, shouldn't be compared to driving on one road on route to another, so many things are missed and conceptions of a country can be wrong.....

FULLY AGREE, the only minor, contrary, pedantic issue I would like to pick on is the word highlighted - May I suggest it should be " Lot ".

Do you have any suggestions of good routes through Bulgaria?

02-11-2012, 17:00
Wunderbar - May I congratulate you on your English, better than many I have met who are English.

Also ...
The info about Bulgaria was very informative. - How long ago did you travel the journey?


Four days ago