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17-10-2012, 17:15
Hello, as we speak we r heading to the peak district. We have 3/4 days, so was hoping you might be able to give us a few suggestions of must dos and sees and stays while we r there? Never been before so any info would be good.

17-10-2012, 17:41
What area are you looking at?

Buxton. Also Goyt Valley (some good Wilding spots).
Matlock Bath (avoid Sundays unless you are a biker).

17-10-2012, 18:03
Drive towards Castleton and have a look at the state of the road near the Blue John Cavern. It first slipped many years ago and is now closed!

17-10-2012, 18:24
Eyam (plague village)
Hartington (home to a stilton cheese and with good cheese shop)
Cromford - just south of Matlock Bath, canal and lots of heritage
Belper to the south in the Derwent Valley - nice little industrial town, with lots of twee shops these days
Carsington Reservoir - just south west of Wirksworth, itself an interesting small town with lots of history
Chatsworth House, estate and farm shop, home to Duke of Devonshire - extremely grand country residence, superb setting, plenty of walks around the estate without paying to go in house and grounds

The list goes on... you'll enjoy this jewel of a county ;)

Plus the Miner's Standard at Winster, pub with camping field, showers and EHUs if needed (wildcamping halloween gathering there at end of October)

17-10-2012, 20:53
Monsal Head is worth a look and visit the pack horse in little longston for a pint
Derwent Valley the dam busters practised here
Chatsworth Park
Haddon Hall

these are but a few of nice places, hope you enjoy your visit.


17-10-2012, 21:05
having seen the post above about the road slippage near Blue John Mine, I was going to suggest you visit the speedwell cavern. but you may not get there. When we visited with the boys some years back, you were taken along in a boat with two crew. One was legging the boat along and the other was telling the story of the "bottomless" pit in the cavern itself. worth the trip for the journey. Our two boys were well fascinated in the story, their eyes wide with interest. Our story teller was particularly good (a student on a summer job). we all loved it.