View Full Version : Commando Memorial, Spean Bridge. No longer usable.

21-10-2012, 17:59
Both of the POI's at the Commando Memorial, Spean Bridge (Highlands), are now unavailable for overnight use.

The main car parking area has "No Overnight Parking" signs, which are backed up by TRO's.

The layby at the rear (which was the old original road and parking area) is now inaccessible due to a locked gate.

The good news is that I slept at two other nearby EXISTING POI's with no problems, and can recommend them. These are:

1. The remaing POI at Spean Bridge, which is down a woodland track to the east of the village.

2. The POI at the remote viewpoint carpark at Glen Roy, NE of Spean Bridge.

Also the POI at Gairlochy, just to the west of the Commando Memorial, seemed fine, but some other wildcamper beat me to it!

This info was correct approx four weeks ago when I was there.

21-10-2012, 18:11
Go past the memorial car park entrance on your left drive down the unclassified road a short distance and there are several Wild camping spots on your right that we have used. They are disused forestry tracks/entrances where the forest has since been felled. :D