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22-10-2012, 19:46
Stayed overnight at the weekend, a really nice spot. Be aware it is very busy, and although we were on our own after about 9pm there was still 5 or 6 cars on the small car park until that time. Also, we had a couple of "visits" in the night - one at about 11pm and another towards midnight.. nothing to worry about though looked like young couples.... if you get my drift LOL.

Zero TV and O2 coverage.

The car park started to fill at 7am.. by 9am it was almost full. We went for a quick walk for about 1 hour and then left. By this point there were 20-30 cars on the lane parked up. A lot of walkers etc. If you are into your walking then it a nice spot!

Larger outfits might struggle a bit - we have a 660 and its LWB and we had to park side ways on.. taking up a few car parking spaces.. no doubt causing some dirty looks :wave: but we did not have much of a choice and we left as soon as we could in the am once we had excercised the dogs.

Tags or larger might not really fit well....

We will return here, but it was too busy for us just now - so we will probably come back when the weather is really poor as I expect the clear blue skies had something to do with it. Also, be aware that TomTom will bring you off the M6 at Shap. It will then try and take you over a very rough single track lane for 9 miles.... we realised our mistake about a mile down - it was actually closed a bit further up. So ignore your TomTom and head into Shap village, then re-start the navigation and it should be ok from there on.

22-10-2012, 22:25
zero tv and o2 coverage.