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23-10-2012, 23:53

This car park is situated at the bottom of a VERY STEEP HILL.

This I discovered when I was unable to ascend it in my Peugeot Boxer FWD Elddis.

I tried three times amidst lots of wheel spinning and tyre smoke. The road was wet, and it might be OK when dry.

Personally I wouldn't chance it.

Eventually, with a tow rope and the help of a very kind Land Rover driver, I had an assisted ascent and escape.

Apparently even the AA vans get stuck at the bottom!

I will remove this from the POIs. There is a place at the top of the hill which I will add.

10-02-2013, 15:11
Just noticed this thread, I use the Car park on a regular basis (never over nighted though) and never had any problems in an 08 2.2 LWB Citroen Relay.

10-02-2013, 15:27
I think I was the one which suggested the car park as a POI after a lovely night there in a deserted car park, last May, waking up to a stunning sea view.

My Transit managed the hill fine, slow and steady, without any problems but it was lovely weather so I would suggest that it remains on the database but with a note that it should be avoided in bad weather or by vehicles which struggle with long steep inclines. I can't quite remember what the signage said at the car park, but there were another couple of cars parked there overnight, possibly guests from the nearby hotel.

I would avoid it during peak season or bank hols though as I suspect it would be very busy and there might be some grumbling about motorhomes using it. But I would think that outside of those times, there's unlikely to be any problems, especially if you are seen to use the local cafe or hotel for meals etc.

There's also public toilets just behind the cafe which are very handy - just a couple of mins walk from the car park.

10-02-2013, 15:31
Lovely place and my old commer kerb slammer never had a problem with the hill, i would avoid any of the Heritage coast at peak times:D

18-05-2014, 19:47
went here Sunday morning with my LDV. arrived 10.30 am no problem parking .
met a nice chap with a new fiat m/h. who had stayed the night after a meal and drink in the hotel .
he got a 24hr ticket cost 5 i think he said.
I got a 2hr one for 2. had ice cream and then a walk along the DOG FRiENDLY BEACH.
Car park got busy by the time we left.
no problem with the hill .twin wheeled axle you see.:lol-053:
rgds dd

09-10-2014, 12:57
Has anyone stayed in the car park at the top?