View Full Version : wanted 4 berth coachbuilt motorhome

28-10-2012, 08:47
Hi members i would like to buy a 4berth motorhome coachbuilt in excellent conditon with everything working as it should i would like it to come with all the most important essentials included like gasbottles - leads - cassette toilet etc but not neccesary is an awning.
Ideally it would be one that has a good service record and want no major things doing to it like cambelt change or clutch or tyres replacing all round and definatley no damp or rust problems.

I do not expect it to be in pristine condition for what i want to pay and i know it will have signs of wear and tear but as long as it is basically sound my price range is up to 6,000 so if you know anyone or any member wanting to sell there's then you can ring or email me r.coleman146@talktalk.net my mob 07715832755 .

Distance in the UK not a problem i am willing to travel to get the right one and if you could mention the history of it and supply photo's with your reply that would be great.

Fedup of gumtree scammers so they need not reply thanks guy's

28-10-2012, 18:43
You'll be lucky. I paid almost 3x that & still had stuff to sort out & extras to buy - and I think I got a bargain! ;)