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02-11-2012, 18:24
The landline to Greece is often a little bit unknown and so i collected some details for information, cause i did the route via Serbia several times.

Necessary documents : Passport, insurance certificate for car (or you buy it at the border for Serbia and Macedonia)
When travelling with dog: EU vaccination passport including valid vaccination against rabbies and valid "Titer" (blood) test for re-entering EU/Greece.
Credit card (all toll stations and gas stations accept credit card or Euros, except Macedonia, here only credit card and macedonian Dinares).

Toll costs for Motorhome below 3,5 to:
Austria: Vignette, 8 Euros.....Tunnel toll about 7,5 Euros till 13 Euros, depending on route.
Slovenia: Vignette 15 Euros
Croatia: CC or cash 25 Euros
Serbia: CC or cash, 10 Euros border to Belgrade, 15 or 25 Euros Belgrade to Nis ( i dont know, why that difference for inbound/outbound....guess, operator failure or they cheated me).
Macedonia: CC or Mac Dinar 5 Euros

Overnight stays:

A- 9232 Rosegg, Gasthof (restaurant) Rosegger Hof, Pos 46 35 23 N/ 14 1 13 E
12,4 Eur, open 4-10, dog allowed, full service, Herzlich Willkommen - Roseggerhof (http://www.roseggerhof.com)

SLO-8222 Otocek, Kamp Otocek, Graiska Cesta 2 Pos: 45 50 16 N/ 15 14 15 E
about 20 Euros, full service, dogs allowed, Terme Krka (http://www.terme-krka.si)
very nice location, medium quality, over wooden bridge limited to 3,0 to, however i guess 3,5 will do, or another way from behind (?) should be possible. Open 1.4-15.10.

Zasavica 2/Serbia
Kamp Zasavica, exit Sremska Mitrovica, see road signs of campsite., you could not miss.
12 km apart from highway. Pos: 44 57 38.0 N/ 19 31 23.0 E, open 4-10, dogs allowed, excellent place!! full service. 23 Euros.

Belgrade-Zemun/ Serbia
Camp "Dunav" see: AMK Jedinstvo d.o.o. (http://www.amkjedinstvo.rs/autokamp.htm)

Motel Kamp Predejane, open all year, direct at highway south of Leskovac,
Pos: 42 50 01.0 N, 22 07 57.3 E
place next by motel, noisy, security during night, electricity, showers, shop (bread etc) 200 meters away. 11 Euros.

Greece: Everywhere!!

Have fun during preparations

03-11-2012, 15:04
Beware Serbia is due to enter the EU,so 'bent' officials and border guards are trying to extort 'extra cash' before they can't ! They can be very tedious and a pain in the butt,more so if travelling in a van,will be told to join the km long wait at border for hgv's and searched,given the run round etc,a printed list in english and Serbian is an advantage,as your 'goods' are an asset to the country,and either due for taxes or deemed for 'extra insurance',campervans and the like may 'sail through' if your lucky,many expats living here in Bulgaria now choose to come via Hungary/Romania,as no hassles,except for one or two hidden speed cops,usually close to border crossings.
The above post is very helpfull to travellers of these countries,make sure you get your road vignettes/tax and keep the reciept (police usually ask for it) as an 'on the spot fine of upto 1000 euros can be given if not seen in your windscreen...binoculars and the like are being used.Otherwise these countries are excellent to travel in,and welcoming lol.

05-11-2012, 06:40
i heard much information about Serbia and Macedonia, good or bad. All of those information have a good reason, i am sure.
Because i was unsure myself due to the contradiction of those information, i WANTED to now, whats really happening on the autoput , and so i did it....i made in 2003 a first motorbike tour from Austria to Serbia and Greece, despite of all warnings (im a bad guy) and i must admit, i was really nervous.
The first thing, i saw, was, that i was not alone.....hundred thousands of turkish travellers made the same way back home during high season and summer holidays.
And nothing happened, i got through without any little problem.
During the past 9 years , i did that tour about 15 times. Nothing happened to me, except, when i drove into a radar trap in Belgrade with 130 km speed, and allowed were 80. The Police said, loss of drivers licence and 400 Euros. I explained the situation, that im not familiar with the road situation and that all cars drove 130 and i did not realize the signs. I excused my behaviour and said, now i am in deep **** ......and i kept my license. I had to pay 40 Euros and they warned me, that behind Belgrade there is another radar trap.
This was the only incident i ever had in Serbia. Since that moment, i adhere strictly to traffic regulations and other toll regulations.
In Macedonia the police once stopped me, because i had no headlight on. I switched it on...and good by.
Nothing more happened to me during 15 crossings.
I must admit, that this may be a lucky situation for me personnally , simply luck.
But for me this is fact, cause i experienced this all the time by myself and not by any other information sources.

The same occurs to Greece....I heard so many bad rumors about Greece and travelling to Greece nowadays, and i learned, all is not true...only for myself, for sure.
But every user can read and balance the information and decide for himself, to go via autoput or not.

Be lucky in decision


05-11-2012, 10:53
just found some more details about camping zasavica, near sremska mitrovica.
see website. Camping zasavica, The best camping site in Serbia (http://www.camping-zasavica.com/)


08-11-2012, 18:52
It may be simply the 'registration plate' source of vehicle ? I'm guessing rotti,your Austrian or German ? and yes it could of been me or the 'type' of vehicle,i think a 'motorhome or m/cycle' would drive straight through with no major hassle at the borders,hopefully,but be prepared,also check your insurance policies for cover in SERBIA,otherwise it'll cost approx 110 euro (at the border)
Greece is great,no hassle and practically 'Wild' anywhere...same for Bulgaria.