View Full Version : western isles

23-02-2005, 20:42
from oban take the ferry 5M VAN FOR 2004 was about £280 pounds but the best beaches in scotland so well worth a trip when on barra take the a888 the only main road but from castlebay head towards airport plane lands on beach when tide is out . bread only comes to the island twice aweek so take plenty .park up by air strip[ tip ] look at island hopping for island travel a lot more islands for not much more price wise B)

10-10-2005, 21:11
this is an excellent spot. when the airport is closed you can get water etc. inc. hot running at nearby ferry terminal. be careful driving on beach as there are soft spots and you can get stuck, stick to runway are and you should be ok.. the big house near the airport was where compton mackenzie lived.

20-01-2006, 22:43
Try the western side of the island of barra the sunset is brill it's about 1mile after the barra hotel keep the sea on your left side there's a nice pitch overlooking the bay brill sunsets and a fresh water tap on the roadside..