View Full Version : discount for members

04-03-2005, 12:04
It is possible I may be able to arrange a 5% discount on LPG kits for fitting yourself.
it works on both petrol and diesel but I believe the diesel kits are a lot more expensive.
the price I have been quoted for a basic kit for mine is £375 +vat which is incredibly cheap compared to other prices I have had [ and that is before the discount so I can take another 5% off now as I have arranged the discount already for another club I belong to].
While I have been in contact with the company and I am VERY impressed by their speed of reply and interest in me as a customer.
In addition I wanted a tank with a 2nd gas take off to supply the cooker etc in the van and while they do not do that they have suggested a system where that can be done. Again they are trying very hard to give me what I want and that is impressive as before all I have had is no can't be done.
how many would be interested?