View Full Version : First Wild Christmas Tour!

13-01-2013, 16:34
Hi everyone, a little late posting this as Christmas is a bit of a dim and distant!, but here goes anyway.

We spent a couple of days fishing at Weybourne and held up in the Beach Car Park for 2 nights, which is a bit of a fave spot for us as we don't live too far away.
We headed down to the Beach Car Park at Horsey, which for future reference for anyone thinking of a possible Wild Camp, it has approx 150m track leading to the car park which was like driving on the surface of the moon. :scared: Only to find at the end of it that it's a Pay and Display and No overnight camping! 5245'29.79"N 139'0.54"E

Plan B - Google maps to find a possible new spot. Found what looked like a good spot down at Caister-on-Sea so off we went. Turned out to be a small beach car park which fit the bill. Even found someones bait of Sand Eels and Squid that had been discarded which we made use of the next morning, fishing on the beach whilst still bathed in moonlight. Very Cool. 52.651454,1.732042 :D
We didn't have POI with us at the time but have since realised that this has already been marked.

Next stop was a journey down to my dads, who lives in Eastbourne so we decided to find another wild camp spot on the way. We thought we would give Epping Forest a go. Car Park looked good when we got there and we read through the by-laws posted up and no mention of no overnighting so we were happy. Took the dogs for a run about in the woods then settled down for the eve. There was quite a lot of movement throughout the evening with cars coming and going. 5140'36.75"N 0 4'28.60"E :(

We were half way through watching Star Trek when noise erupted outside. 4 cars full of youths decided to make a right nuisance of themselves by laying on the horns, shouting and banging on the vehicle! (Still not sure whether it was the front of our van or them banging on their own!) but we decided not to bother to hang around and see what happened next.
There was other cars that left when we did but it was too late to find another spot so headed for Thurrock services, paid our 10, and held up for the night.

After visiting my dad for a couple of days it was time to head back to Norfolk. We thought we'd pick a camping spot from the POI in Thetford. When we got there it seemed like a good choice, other than the fact there had been a bit of fly tipping and a litter bin overflowing. To be honest, we both still felt a little unsettled from the Epping Forest experience and decided a night 'on edge' was not gonna be much fun so aborted on the idea and headed off. 52.42396, 0.70747

Bit of a shame that we've had a bit of bad luck so early on in our wildcamping experience but we are trying to do just that......put it down to Bad Luck. Read so many peeps posts about great experiences so hoping to chalk a few more of them up to build some confidence.

The Magic Bus ran Great though and we did 600 miles in total. Dogs were more than happy on new adventures and tucking up in their on-board kennel and all other systems worked faultless. Ohhhh....except we've discovered that the water heater doesn't stay lit if there is a slight wind that blows up the outlet pipe!!!.....It's on the 'To Do' list.