View Full Version : Are Cheap Snow Chains Any Good ??

17-01-2013, 11:30
Lidl are selling snowchains at just under £20 a pair. Any experience, comments, views please on whether they are likely to be any good or just cheap Chinese tat ?. How would they perform on a 4.25 tonner ?. Thanks in anticipation.

17-01-2013, 11:47
Some years ago I bought Halfords snow chains for my 4.5 tonne Hobby. They weren't cheap - I think around the £100 mark - and the ones recommended by the 'highly trained' Halfords staff.

First time using them, they ripped to bits!

Got my money back and bought these Sport Style of Spikes-Spider® Tire Traction in Winter Driving (http://www.spikes-spiders.com/sport)

Had them for about 8 years now and still working fine. Used in snow, mud and sand.

17-01-2013, 11:55
Thanks for the link CP, they look impressive. Did you buy them here in the UK ?.

17-01-2013, 11:56
Those look pretty good. You get what you pay for really don't you?

17-01-2013, 11:58
Got them from a company in the Manchester area but they don't seem to turn up in a google search anymore.

Looks like this company stock them. Spikes Spiders traction systems 'Snow Chains' (http://www.roofbox.co.uk/spikes1.html)

I know they were pretty expensive. From memory about £300. But built to last a lifetime!

17-01-2013, 12:05
Thanks again CP. Your 2nd link is a UK supplier. As Viktor says, you get what you pay for & with tyres around £100 each the £20 Lidl chains might work out expensive in use.

17-01-2013, 20:16
I have a set cost £79 from the roof box company in Cumbria for my 5t van, used them twice been fine both times if that's any help. They where for a commercial vehicle not a car set.

19-01-2013, 18:13
I have bought a set of Lidl snow chains and though I didn't need to use them this weekend I did get them out and fitting them was easy. They seem to be well made and caompare favourably with a set I used to own many years ago.

Correct me if I am wrong but aren't chains only to be used when there is a considerable thickness of snow and ice or to just get you out of immediate trouble when the snow or ice is thin. If you use them for running on barely covered roads they will damaged both tyres and road. A much better solution to getting grip in those sort of conditions is to decrease your tyre pressure( remember to re-inflate when the road conditions require)

Lidl has a reputation to keep and in my experience does not offer such equipment for saloe if it cannot do the job. They keep the price low by volume purchase from manufacturers ( they sell all over Europe remember) and their low prices probably indicate these sort of products are vastly overpriced at other vendors.

20-01-2013, 11:57
What about snow socks have seen them on various vans and they seems to work to get you out of trouble?

20-01-2013, 13:41
Thanks for the information in this thread. With the weight of my campervan I'm going to have to buy and carry snow chains during the winter. I wasn't able to assess this properly last year but I've found the gradient on my driveway is even in mild snow too much for the weight of the van and it slides a little sideways down the slope towards the house. Quite a bit of momentum to halt if I lose grip on a steeper slope in icy conditions even with good winter M&S tyres fitted.

20-01-2013, 16:33
Well it looks like they might be a good idea and a lot lighter to carry that chains

20-01-2013, 20:12
Just a quick point here - snow socks are only any use for ordinary road tyres in getting you out of trouble. If you have winter tyres fitted you are already getting better grip and traction than snow socks will provide.