View Full Version : Poor radio reception Ducato campervan - Aerial?

22-01-2013, 06:02
Hi the reception in our campervan is pathetic, the stubby little aerial outside the drivers window appears to be cosmetic only, because it certainly isn't doing much for the radio. Advised by one chap that prior to the motorhome fittings the aerial is on the top somewhere, then its relocated to its current position and doesn't work half as well there, true or not? don't know. Anyway looks like we need another one - any recommendations for a decent aerial and where to stick it POLITELY PLEASE. many thanks alison

22-01-2013, 07:30
Yes , polite answers Pleeeeeease, cos I am the guy who has to fit the new arial and there is going to be enough impolitness when I am doing it :mad1:..............:wave: Hello Darling :bow:

22-01-2013, 07:52
I don't have a great problem with the rubber duck type antenna on my Ducato.

Most modern cars only have a short antenna anyway.

It could just be that the antenna has deteriorated over the years, they are cheap enough anyway if you look around (away fro Halfrauds if poss).

If using the existing hole, ensure that the antenna base has good electrical connection to the metal of the wing, one of the most common problems, so scrape back to bare metal and after fixing, spray with paint then underseal to stop rust.

Many holes are a standard size for fixing, so an alternative antenna could be installed, but the rubber one is more vandal resistant.

Even screen mounted antennas will get some screening from the bodywork. Do you use AM or FM predominantly??

In some remote places, such as we get in Wales, FM reception can be limited, on the other hand when up high on the A55 near Holywell in North Wales, we can receive Heart FM in Birmingham in our Ducato on the rubber antenna. And at home can get Manx radio and Irish stations all between 70-90 miles away.

22-01-2013, 08:30
FM predominantly...........Radio 4;) As we travel about the signal diminishes and the the radio unit has to search...it may be geographical conditions causing loss of signal but it seems to happen in geographically flat areas of the country as well!