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25-01-2013, 20:16
Our 2004 A class motorhome has a TV cabinet at ceiling height, which I find uncomfortable, when watching TV or DVDs.
I remember looking inside a top model of m/h that had a pop up TV, that rose up from behind a seat with a single push!
I searched on the internet for a similar system for our m/h, but they all seemed too big and costly for our needs (a small TV), so I decided I would have a go at making one myself.

We have the ideal location, a single seat set behind the drivers chair, that has a blank wall behind it.
Because I am on a strict budget, I wanted to use only what I have in my junk shop of a garage. I had a drawer unit left over from a kitchen build a few years back, and some wood from an office strip out.
The seat cushions were removed, a frame was made, and the drawer unit fitted onto it.
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I used one of the shelves from the m/h cupboard which was not needed to form the top of the 'pop up', along with a suitable cupboard handle from B&Q at 7.40 (my only purchase), and another board to cover the front of the 'drawer'.
Some sticky backed Velcro (left over from a fly net door job) was used to secure the cushion back in place, and all there is left to do is the electrics.
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It has taken me two afternoons to get to this stage, with the easy job yet to do, of running a switched, fused power supply in between the double floor to the TV. The aerial cable (for some reason) has already been supplied behind the seat.
Hopefully I can show you the unit working once I have fitted the power.

25-01-2013, 20:26
The obvious problem is how to keep the 'pop up drawer' in the raised position, when using the TV.
As I am on a budget (now) I decided to keep it simple, until I found a better solution, so I used a bit of wood on a hinge. Once the 'pop up' is raised the wood is pushed into position to support the drawer.
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This basic system would only be used when the vehicle is static, until it's upgrade!!!

25-01-2013, 20:38
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25-01-2013, 20:52
My TV lifts up from under a horizontal work top and I used a single one of these gas struts:
2 x Gas Strut Stay Kitchen Cabinet Door Hinge 80Nm (Pair) | eBay (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-x-Gas-Strut-Stay-Kitchen-Cabinet-Door-Hinge-80Nm-Pair-/271117422400?pt=UK_Home_Garden_Kitchen_KitchenFurn iture_EH&hash=item3f1fdb8f40)

They are reasonably cheap and come in different sizes. Perhaps you could use one of those somehow.

Nice work by the way.

That looks like just the job, combined with a push catch...
What weight is your strut lifting Sparks?

25-01-2013, 21:18
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26-01-2013, 11:29
Dave, you are so money supermarket, i bet you feel Epic, :dance::dance:

well done you, i think this is great, :)

26-01-2013, 13:10
Brilliant! Would love to do that too, but sadly no where suitable!