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04-02-2013, 15:32
Planning to travel to Seville early next month can anyone suggest stopover area/ campsite for us to visit the city. Thanks

04-02-2013, 17:29
If you Google Campsite Seville you will see there is a campsite of the A66, about 8klm on the road to the campsite there was a very large carpark on the right hand site we have stayed there, but if you want to go into Seville I would look at the campsite and get a buss into Serville I would not like to leave a motor in the carpark all day. Seville is a lovely place to see, hope this helps. Dont try to park in the town you will be moved on or your get robbed . Ken:have fun::wave:

John H
04-02-2013, 18:30

We went to Seville last October and stayed at the aire in Puerto Gelves (37.33919N; 6.02417W). It is in the grounds of the marina and behind a security gate so more secure than any campsite. It is also more convenient for the city than either of the campsites, which are much further out of town. There is a bus every 15 minutes to the centre and the journey takes 15 minutes. The aire has electric hook-up, showers, toilets, a shop, a bar and a restaurant (it is basically a campsite in all but name) and cost 15 euros per night. If you don't want hook-up it costs about 3 euros less. I would recommend it to anyone - much better than the campsites and more secure than wilding in the city. Have a good trip.

05-02-2013, 10:35
Thanks for your help will probably try the aire as it sounds like just what we are looking for.