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13-02-2013, 16:14
Is there anyone that's a professional auto installer or is DIY competent (for pocket money) in the Tyne and Wear/Co Durham area that can install a leisure battery (to recommend the best size and make) & all that goes with it to run a semi converted transit van on van lights & stereo & a TV or laptop.

Just so over whelmed with everything I'm reading on the internet, dont know where to start and we are not that handy with car mechanics/electrics.

Any ideas or offers of help for pocket money or trade swap in return for any small plastering or painting job (hubby is plasterer and painter)

Many Thanks :juggle:

13-02-2013, 16:40
Hi there,look up a member called maingate and pm him he,s in Gateshead (kin Geordies) he may be able to help

14-02-2013, 11:50
Thanks Old Arthur will do :)

14-02-2013, 12:28
Can I suggest that instead of paying someone to do this for you, you pay them to instruct you how to do it and then to supervise you doing it yourself. In that way, you will learn the basics of 12volt wiring yourself, so that you will be able to add further to it in the future and you will also be able to do basic repairs to the system whilst on the road if you have problems.

I was in the same position as you with my LWB Transit, which I've been slowly converting over the past year, and whilst there's alot of advice on this forum and elsewhere online, sometimes it is conflicting or it uses terms and technical information which I didn't understand.

Your requirements are similar to mine and are fairly basic in terms of 12v electrics and with the correct equipment, the system required is fairly simple, straightforward and easy to understand once you know the basics.

I was lucky to be able to install my 12v system under the supervision and guidance of Firefox (forum member) who was very patient, who explained what equipment I needed and why, and who advised what I needed to purchase. As a result I now know how my system works, what may go wrong and why, and how to fix it should I need to. Problems that I've had on the road which I've needed to fix myself (and been able to) are blown fuses (probably as a result of having to jump start the main vehicle battery), and loose connections to the split charge relay (don't worry if you don't know what this is, you will do if you do the electrics yourself). I was able to trace and solve the problem myself, saving alot of stress and giving me confidence.

Can I also suggest that you make a diagram of your wiring once it is done, showing details of the wire used, the devices, fuses, connections etc. This will help you to understand your system and also to track down faults etc. Other simple things to make sure you do is to colour code your wires so that it is clearly visible which are positive and negative, and to add labels to the wires from the leisure battery so that you know which wire goes to what without having to trace it back. This helps save alot of time.

In theory with a correctly installed system things shouldn't go wrong but, as in my experience, things can go wrong, often due to inexperience (I didn't think of removing the fuse in my system so that the leisure battery was disconnected before jump starting the van but you learn from mistakes!). And batteries do die so knowing what the symptoms are can help prevent other things being damaged.

Also understanding the basics of 12v electrics can help prevent other problems, for example, I blew several cigarette socket adaptors through using a 12v car fan heater (the kind you can get to help demist windscreens etc), and bought new ones before I realised that when set on heat (as opposed to cool), the current required was too much for the 5 amp fuse in the cigarette socket adaptors. In fact, I didn't even realise that cigarette socket adaptors had replaceable fuses, nor that you could purchase a higher rated cigarette socket adaptor which was suitable. Also I didn't really know how to look after my leisure battery and so I've ended up killing it as I left it in the van uncharged for a month whilst the van was off the road for repairs, instead of removing it and keeping it at home on trickle charge. And you will need to know what the best type of charger is, how long to charge for, how to tell when a leisure battery is dying, how to check the health of the battery etc. All of these things are very straightforward when you know and you have the right equipment and know how to use that equipment properly.

So pay for knowledge and instruction rather than simply getting the job done and it will be money well spent.


Tow Itch
14-02-2013, 16:46
Bright answer from Whitevanwoman.

Even if electrics are not you, going through the install and understanding what the likely problems will be or at least being left a crib sheet of the most likely errors will save you future grief. No matter how little you think you will absorb you will be much further on than you are now.

18-02-2013, 23:58
I'm in Peterlee if it's of any use to you, your looking at around 20 for a self switching relay kit and then the cost of the battery (I've always had 110ah, found the best prices on eBay). It then just depends what you want, you could hard wire in a 300w converter for running 12v gadgets and hard wire in the lights running off a switch. You can also fit a cut off switch to the main battery so it doesn't use power from that (depending on the relay it might not be required). Anything wired into the battery I'd personally use a dedicated fuse box to prevent any problems.
I have a separate stereo wired in to save hassle (wired into the same speakers as the dash stereo is) and LED lights to reduce consumption and I also have a Volt/Ammeter wired in to tell me what power I have.
So cost wise:
Relay Kit 20
Battery 72 new (eBay) 30 second hand (again eBay)
Earth Strap 4-7

Then for your extras:
Inverter 20 (Maplins)
Battery post terminals 3
Fuse box 5
Wiring and bits 10

25-03-2013, 20:07
Thanks so much for your advice, it all makes sense and you clearly have learned a lot, hopfully this will be me soon :)

25-03-2013, 20:10
Thanks all so far, for for all the friendly and helpful advice :)