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16-02-2013, 16:34
We we are on the tunnel next weekend with no real plans but looking for a bit of better weather. After a night at city europe we plan to head west and down France. How far is comfortable in a day to drive (non-toll) to find a decent aire and area to park up. The plan is to spend around 5 months in Europe mostly in france and maybe the final month or so in Germany. Have only been to Northern France and Normandy as well as Germany in our last trip.

So what I am looking for is some hints, tips and suggestions for slow wander around France. We have a dog so dont want to be hitting the med when it is too hot for her. Also when is the time to be worried about the processionary caterpillars and what areas are they found. We have no real desire for Spain but like nice scenery, beaches and quaint little towns not big cities.

A big ask but you guys on here have a wealth of knowledge.


17-02-2013, 11:41
Hi Champster
We haven't been to Europe yet but hoping to go July so cant answer any of your Q's but maybe the thread i started looking for help may be able to help you too, Its titled "Don't Know Where To Start..............HELP Needed"

Doh......just realised that you have posted on the thread i started so you would have read it.....so just ignore the above & have a great, safe trip

17-02-2013, 11:47
Sorry I can't help either, it's about 20 years since I last drove on the continent and that was in a 2CV not a camper van. But how great to be at the beginning of an adventure, that feeling of excitement and slight trepidation. Hope things work out for you and that you have a wonderful adventure.